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About Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly is a special place for your dog. Kay Maxe had a Dream, Dog Friendly was it. Kay was a Dog Behaviorist who moved from Sweden and bought the beautiful property located on Burnham Road, and opened Dog Friendly in 2002. Kay was loved by all who knew her. Everyone knew Kay had a Special Gift and connection with dogs. Kay both trained and connected with the dogs. Kay unfortunately passed away from cancer in 2011. She was loved and respected by all who knew her. Kristin worked at Dog Friendly along side Kay and had a special connection with her. Kay wanted the Dog Friendly concept to continue and she passed the Maxe Tradition and business on to Kristin. Kristin was able to take on Dog Friendly with the generous help of several Ojai investors. Kristin has flourished in the role and challenge of keeping the Kennel Free and Loving Atmosphere for the dogs in Dog Friendly Dog Care. Kristin wants you to know that your Dog is "Her Dog" when boarded at Dog Friendly

Kristin Dame

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