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Hi Kristin,

We wanted to send you an email to let you know how much we appreciated you taking such good care of Lola and Shani when we were out of the Country. We're not sure the dogs missed us. They came home happy and healthy.

Thanks again,

Dennis and Peggy,


Kristin and Jason are by far the best!!! Our lab Barney spent many play days and overnights there. He was always wagging his tail as we pulled up to drop him off. He was more than happy to spend a day or a few days at Dog Friendly. Unfortunately, we lost Barney In February, however we inherited my parents Beagle BG. We decided to give Dog Friendly a try with BG. We are more than satisfied with the care she has received. This is a great place and the fact that the dogs are not caged and are part of the family makes us very happy. We never have second thoughts if we need to board and a play day now and then is just perfect. What a perfect place for our furry friends. Professional and caring. Thank you Kristin and Jason!!!!

Tom and Suzi


    • We are very happy with dog friendly. Bella loves it here. She gets to play with other dogs and gets all her energy out. we leave her when we are unable to take her on our trips. Sometimes a week or just a couple of days. always well taken care of.

  •      Sent on: 19 May, 2018    Mary G

I have an 8 month old Schipperke. She's now been enjoying Dog Friendly for about 3 months. She LOVES it. She is so excited when she arrives and loves running and playing with the other dogs. I can leave her off knowing she is, safe, and in competent and loving hands. It's great for her and gives me a little break from her puppy craziness. 

B J C      May 20, 2019 

My dogs Beck and Mickey are always happy to spend a day or two at Dog Friendly! I think the time spent with other dogs has had the added benefit of making them better behaved in public! What a great place Kristin and Jayson have created for our dogs!!!


Send us your Dog Friendly experience

We moved to Ojai in mid-July 2018. After settling in for a couple of weeks we wanted to give Rocket, our 8 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback some time away from us and get some doggie socializing. We eased him in to half days of doggie day care and worked up to a full day. Kristin and Jason really worked with his sensitivity and separation anxiety to make it a great experience for Rocket (and for us!). We will definitely go back to doing this very soon and will not hesitate to do overnights.


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